As two friends sailing in various parts of the world we noticed the clumsiness of many existing dinghies around us; 

Always in the way on deck, blocking the view, or taking lots of space below. Often reducing your boat’s speed, maneuverability, and elegance. And getting you wet when stepping in it or sitting on its sides, half overboard.

Plus always leaking air after some time – with endless pump hassles.


Some folding dinghies do exist, but they all still have major drawbacks; too flimsy, too complex, too heavy, too small, too expensive, or in most cases: still too large when folded.

So we started to think of ways to improve.

An extensive development and testing process followed, resulting in the creation of the patented FlatFloat – which solves these issues, for good.

With a solid, simple solution.

We are convinced you will enjoy the outcome too!
Happy floating!

Dr. Hans Verheij  and  Frank Meuleman MSc




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