I had given up on dinghies since mine was always under the boom obstructing my view from behind the wheel. And it was always deflating a bit over time. The FlatFloat solves these issues in a remarkably convenient way.

Fabricio, Syracuse

"Unusual looks, but very functional. It didn't take long to get used to this odd tender. And my kids love it too, they use it every weekend."

Thomas, Cannes

"My previous folding dinghy was too heavy, still very long folded, and it took  us 15 minutes to set up, including a blanket to prevent damage to our deck. The FlatFloat is much better on all those aspects. Thank you for that."

Gerard, Dusseldorf

"What an amazingly smart tender! Why did nobody think of this before?"

Captain Peter, Glasgow

"I took those ugly davits from my classic boat, since I can easily stow my tender in my cockpit locker now."

Karl Heinz, Munich

"The best dinghy I have had in years. Finally one made by sailors for sailors. Instead of wasting my dinghy garage storing inflated air I now keep two bicycles there."

Jan W., Haarlem

"Great idea, great implementation! Thumbs up!"

"Although I thought the quick folding was just advertising, I quickly learned it truly takes mere seconds to fold or unfold my FlatFloat."

Marcel van Dijk, Rotterdam

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